Message from the President

Shunsuke Betsukawa President and CEO

As a basic policy of the “Medium-Term Management Plan 2019 (MTMP19)”, we have determined five fundamental lines of thought. These five lines of thought are essential to achieve the goals set forth in the MTMP19. The active promotion of CSR is one of these and it will make up a large part of the activities we carry out during the three-year implementation period.

Modern age companies such as the Sumitomo Heavy Industries (SHI) Group are required to contribute to solving social issues as a key member of society. As a Group, we intend to focus on solving such social issues through the provision of our specialized products and services. In addition to supplying products such as biomass boilers for use in power plants, water treatment plants, and medical devices, the pursuit of product functions such as reduced energy consumption levels, increased automation and higher safety performance as well as the provision of component products to support customer products and services will ultimately lead to solutions to tackle the social issues that we face today.

In addition, through the active promotion of diversity initiatives, we are aiming to increase the number of women in the workplace. Not only do we believe that this will lead to increased competitiveness for the SHI Group, we are also able to contribute towards solving the social challenge of increasing the ratio of females in the workplace.

Of course CSR is not a new initiative for the SHI Group. Our aim is to clarify the meaning of CSR across the daily business activities of all operating divisions and work sites, and rediscover how these CSR initiatives are contributing towards solving social issues. Moreover, it is important to actively communicate the way in which we are acting as one Group to contribute to society.

As all employees of the Group become more understanding of and are convinced about the value of CSR, greater contribution towards solving social issues through the individual businesses can be achieved, and each employee is able to grow. We believe that this ultimately lead to increasing the overall corporate value of the SHI Group.

Shinji Shimomura
President and CEO