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At the SHI Group, we have been promoting environmental management aware of the fact that businesses have the social responsibility to protect the global environment and engage in economic activities that are oriented toward recycling. In particular, we will step up efforts to curb CO2 emissions with a focus on reducing environmental impact throughout product lifecycles.

SHI Group environmental policy
Environmental Principals
The SHI Group contributes to the realization of a sustainable society by holding fast to “Sumitomo's Business Philosophy” and taking action throughout all its business activities to protect the global environment.
Environmental Policy
The SHI Group is actively engaged in activities based on the Environment Principals.
  • Prevent environmental pollution
  • Contribute to the achievement of a low-carbon society
  • Realize a resource-recycling society
  • Protect biodiversity
  • Comply with laws and regulations
  • Reinforce and constantly improve environmental management

Transition of the Environmental Policy

The Environmental Committee was established in 1992 and since then the SHI Group has been conducting compliance and environmental protection in local communities. Moreover, in November 1999, we established the SHI Group Environmental Policy, to clarify the basic policy for activities across the Group and to expand environmental management across the Group as a whole, including overseas facilities.

Priority Issues

The SHI Group has formulated a Medium-Term Environmental Plan every three years since fiscal 2005 to achieve our Environmental Policy and enhance environmental management.
The 5th Medium-Term Environmental Plan (2017-2019) outlines the following four areas as global priority issues, and advances activities.

  1. 1.Strengthen environmental risk management
  2. 2.Reduce CO2 emissions throughout product lifecycles
  3. 3.Reduce burdens placed on the environment by business activities
  4. 4.Preserve ecosystems

Environmental Management Framework

Environmental Management Framework

Overall view of the FY2016 environmental impact
(Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group , domestic)

Overall view of the FY2016 environmental impact (Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group , domestic)

Examples of Activities

Tanashi Works – “Forest of Ideas”

At Tanashi Works, the Musashino forest that takes up approximately 30% of the facility site is being protected. There are more than 40 different varieties of plants and more than 4,500 trees in the forest. Of this amount, nearly 170 have been designated as “protected trees” by Nishi-Tokyo City.
Moreover, a part of the forest has been named the “Forest of Ideas” and has been made open to the public for their enjoyment and relaxation. The area also acts as a disaster prevention base, a location for vocational training, and an area for biodiversity research.

Project Acorn

Using the various acorns found in the “Forest of Ideas”, “Project Acorn” is an initiative that contributes towards the overall “greening” of the SHI Group. The project entails collecting acorns from the “Forest of Ideas” and planting these seeds at different manufacturing plants across the SHI Group. A few of these seeds have shown steady growth and are already contributing towards the greening of the manufacturing plants where they can be found.