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To create workplaces that motivate every employee, we work to completely eliminate accidents, maintain conditions conducive to physical and mental health, and advance diversity promotion activities. In promoting diversity activities, we focus particularly on active participation of women in the workforce as well as work-life balance.

Promoting Diversity

The Corporate Mission Statement of the SHI Group includes the following: “We will aim to become a machinery manufacturer that continues to provide excellent products and services to the world.” To continue to fulfill this mission, we believe it will be essential to have an organizational foundation that allows diverse personnel to participate while drawing on their unique personal qualities. To do that, we designated fiscal 2016 the “First Year for Diversity Promotion,” and with women’s participation and advancement as a key management policy, we are promoting diversity under the leadership of top management. Specific activities in fiscal 2016 included briefings on diversity promotion for management from each Group company and workshops for female employees. In addition, training was given to people with female subordinates, where they learned about such matters as “unwitting bias” and “key points in the development of female subordinates” as part of initiatives to transform employee awareness and corporate culture. In addition, as a medium-to long-term numerical target, the SHI Group moved ahead on initiatives to increase the number of female employees by 1.5 times from April 2015 to April 2020, to double the number of women in management and to raise the ratio of women among new graduate hires above 20%. In fiscal 2016, women accounted for over 20% of new graduate hires.
Meanwhile, to promote a work-life balance, each business division set annual goals to strive to reduce long working hours and to get employees to use their annual paid leave. Specifically, an initiative was promoted to achieve total annual working hours of 1,900s by fiscal 2019.

The lecture for top management of our group
The briefing & workshop for female employees
The briefing for management
The training for the superior who have female subordinates

Safety Initiatives

The SHI Group positions safety as the prime management issue and accordingly advances health and safety activities. Currently, the Group has formulated and is implementing the third execution phase (2017-2019) of the Health and Safety Improvement Plan.
We have built a corporate culture of safety culture that gives top priority in all matters to safety, and we aim to secure the safety, security and good health of all working people through the realization of comfortable work environments. We actively advance initiatives to develop a company climate and temperature of safety in terms of the organization and individuals, we continuously strive to raise safety morality in all workplaces.

Health Management

In recent years, based on a belief that maintenance and promotion of employee health is an investment in raising future corporate earnings, focus has been placed on health management with management of employees’ health gaining grater strategic weight from a management viewpoint. The SHI Group is promoting occupational health and safety activities to clear the required evaluation items set under the Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program being advocated by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

SHI Group’s Declaration on Health Promotion

Based on the business principle of “respect people,” the SHI Group will proactively maintain and promote the health of workers and develop an environment where everyone lives with good mental and physical health.

Handbook for Bosses and Workers Dealing with Work and Childcare
Handbook for Bosses and Workers Dealing with Work and Childcare

We have produced the Handbook for Bosses and Workers Dealing with Work and Childcare, a pamphlet summarizing the childcare support system. This is not just for women, but for their superiors and co-workers to read to gain insight into some of the concerns felt by employees who are also mothers, and to enable superiors and their subordinates to share and think about the issue.

Diversity and CSR monthly news email magazine for employees
“Create Our Future!”
Create Our Future!

The Human Resources Dept.(Diversity and Inclusion Group) and CSR Dept. issue an email magazine for Group employees to deepen their understanding.

Topics that have already been covered in the magazine include:

  • Work system labor regulations regarding childcare and nursing care revised
  • Maternity work uniform lending started
  • Breast cancer testing subsidies started
  • Action targets set for measures to support development of future generations
  • Achieve a good work-life balance with the planned acquisition of annual leave
  • Foreign nationals talk about the difficulties of working in Japan
  • How CSR self-awareness connects to Sumitomo’s business philosophy
  • Employee interviews