SHI Group's CSR

Business Principles

Corporate Mission Statement

We will aim to become a machinery manufacturer that continues to provide excellent products and services to the world.
With integrity being a key principle in the Group, we will contribute towards society by gaining high respect and confidence from all stakeholders.

Our Values

Customer First
We exceed customer expectations by providing sophisticated efficient products and services, giving the utmost consideration to their needs and requirements.
Embrace Changes
We will continue to drive and embrace changes without accepting the status quo.
Commitment to Technology and Innovation
We are passionate about contributing to society by further developing our unique, in-house technologies.
Respect People
We will nurture an organizational climate that fosters mutual respect, tolerance and learning for growth.

CSR long-term objectives

  1. 1The SHI Group will provide products and services that contribute towards both economic and technological development that targets the realization of a sustainable society.
  2. 2The SHI Group will make every effort to minimize the environmental load of its products and services across the entire lifecycle. In addition, the Group will protect the safety, security and health of every person that interacts with any corporate activity with the aim to create a vibrant workplace for every employee.

Four Priority Areas

Four Priority Areas
  • *CSV stands for Creating Shared value.
    It refers to when companies and society cooperate to create shared value.

Promotion Framework

Promotion Framework
  • *1CSR Committee: Head Office, Executive Officers, Head of Operating Divisions
  • *2CSR Department: Comprised of representatives from each operating division that is associated with the focus point of CSR promotion activities