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We contribute to society through business activities in each division with the goal of providing and services that help solve social issues. We work to raise customer satisfaction by rigorously pursuing issues from the customer’s values, starting with the product planning and development stages.

Provision of Products and Services to Solve Social Issues

In order for the SHI Group’s product and services to be recognized by society, we need to be able to give clear examples of the ways in which our products and services are solving social issues. Through improved communication with employees, we are redefining the ways in which our products and services are solving social issues from the standpoint of social contribution.

CFB Power Generation System

The power generating system using Circulating Fluidized Bed(CFB) boiler.Various fuels can be burned efficiently, and CFB can correspond also to renewable energy such as biomass.
  • Using various fuels such as wood (forest thinnings) and palm husks while avoiding coal, power can be generated in a highly-efficient manner and CO2 emissions are reduced.
  • Environmentally friendly infrastructure facilities are being supplied to emerging markets.

Our work is playing a role in building the foundation for industrial and technological innovation in various countries across such fields as global warming reduction, forest protection and stable energy supply.

Water and Sewage Treatment Systems

  • Our facilities treat the effluent of 870 thousand people.
  • Through energy-saving technology, our facilities reduce power usage that is equivalent to the energy consumption levels of 5.5 thousand households.

Our work is playing a role in creating a comfortable living environment while significantly reducing energy consumption.

Material Handling Systems

  • Not only are we reducing energy usage, we are making up for a shortage in the working population through greater automation.
  • We are supporting our abundant living standards by making the unloading of ships at ports more efficient.

Our work is playing a role in solving the problems associated with a declining population while supporting our abundant living standards.

Cryocoolers / Cryopumps

  • MRIs that utilize our cryocoolers carry out scans for approximately 87 million people on an annual basis.
  • Cryopumps are critical equipment during the manufacturing process of smartphone chips.

Our work is playing a role in maintaining the health of people and supporting a more convenient lifestyle.

Hydraulic Excavators

  • We will contribute to the world with “lower green gas emissions” (a reduction of CO2 emissions per excavator per year of 3t, or the equivalent of 6 times as much as a 25m swimming pool) by providing hydraulic excavators that are safe, highly productive, and highly fuel-efficient.

Injection Molding Machines

  • We are contributing to the conservation of energy and the creation of a safe and pleasant working environment in molding factories by providing all-electric injection molding machines and molding solutions.
  • We are contributing to the realization of a convenient and affluent society through our highly precise, innovative plastic products.
  • We are contributing to the safe and varied diets of people around the world by producing food containers, and the automobile society’s energy conservation and safety by producing precision auto parts.

Our work helps create a safe and pleasant working environment in factories and realize a convenient and affluent society with our innovative plastic products.

Improvement of Product Quality

At the SHI Group, we define a quality policy and incorporate quality into our various products and services with the aim to continue to provide value to customers. In the MTMP19, we have set a quality index for each of the operating divisions from the standpoint of the customer and are working to improve quality levels across our products and services.

SHI Group Quality Policy
Quality Principals
Through the continuous and unwavering pursuit of world class quality that is recognized globally, we will supply customers with products and services that they recognize as adding value to their business.
Quality Policy
Customer First – Define quality targets based on the expectations of the customer
Continuous Progress – Continuously advance the quality system and incorporate quality with a process mindset
Everyone Participates – Every person involved in quality sets an objective and tackles quality issues head on as a team

Meet or Exceed Delivery Deadlines / Business Continuity Plans

We believe that it is essential to supply the things that customers need when they need them. With this in mind, we are leading the initiative on “Objective Setting and Actions for Reducing Production Lead Times”. Based on the profile of the business unit, lead time definitions are being deliberated on and the focal point of activities are being clarified.
In addition to meeting delivery deadlines, we also believe that we have a social responsibility to supply products and services in a stable manner. As such, we are taking action with regard to business continuity planning.

  • *Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
    A plan that sets out the process in which a business is able to return to normal operating activities in the shortest amount of time after a disaster or accident interrupts normal business activities.